Don't Need A Business Card? Get A Social Card Instead!

Use to quickly share your contact info and to quickly provide friends and associates with all your social media profiles all in one place.

Looking At Smartphone

Great For Increasing Your Social Media Followers

Provide friends and associates with quick links to all your social media profiles.

Be the influencer, put your social profiles on the card. Add a photo gallery, video gallery, create buttons that link to other sites or affiliate links and more.

Quick Connect Icons

The personal social card also includes the bottom icon bar.

Just like the business card version, the social card also includes the bottom icon bar. Here you can enable the ways that people can reach you. Enable button icons that bring up a phone dialer, sms, Skype, WhatsApp or other social media messaging platform.

Include A Slideshow Slider On Your Card

Show off your photos both photo gallerys or in a slider right on your main card page.

Social Cards
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Add photo gallery's to your card that you can share with friends.

Add A Video Gallery Too!
Link to your YouTube Videos or Embed them on your card.

EZ Setup Questionnaire

Step-by-step setup, with your profile details, images and/or Enable features like booking calendars, forms and push notification messaging.
Done-For-You or use our design platform to create digital business cards for yourself, team members or your clients.

Plus... It Eliminates The Spread of Germs

Paper is a main source of spreading germs and viruses. A social card avoids this completely. Why write it on paper when you can send it to their smartphone!
Business Card Prices

Social Card for Personal Use

Social Card (For the business card with booking, form builder or push notification messaging please order the business card instead then click here for business card pricing and features.

  • 1 Page for your main card.
  • 1 Page for a resume page.
  • 1 Page for portfolio page
  • Social Media Buttons.
  • Enable Misc. Quick Dial Icon Bar
  • Enable buttons to link to external webpages.
  • Image Slider
  • Photo Gallery Widget
  • Modals
  • Send card via email, sms, social messaging, QR code etc.

Only $19.97

(Six month subscription billed every 6 months.)