Digital Business Card With Push Notifications

Apps are hot but expensive, but with TrenzyCard you can have a Digital Business Card App that can enable your card holders to receive your push-notification messages. Send messages to their mobile devices and their PCs.

  • Digital Business Card Mobile App Version
  • Finally, A Mobile App That Won't Cost You A Fortune
  • No Need To Hire A Team of Developers and Wait Months
  • Send Push-Notifications To Your Card Holders Anytime
  • Start With A Low Cost Plan and upgrade at anytime as your subscriber list gets larger
Building A Business Card With Push Notifications

Push Notifications Enabled Digital Business Card With Message Scheduling Dashboard.

Get your prospects attention immediately. Plus... pre-schedule messages that will automatically get sent out at dates and times that you setup in the dashboard. 

Small Business+

Digital Business Card w/ Push Notifications Plan

Business Card With Push Notifications

Reg. Price $79.97/m

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TrenzyCard Digital Business Card (Business Pro)

Mobile App Version w/ Push Notification Messaging

Cloud Based Push Messaging Dashboard

w/ Pre-Scheduling Calendar.

Push Your Messages To Mobile and Desktop PCs

No Contracts - No Commitments, Cancel Any-time

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Push Notification Bundle Offers

Save by purchasing any one of these bundle offers. You'll get the Digital Business Card, The Push-Notification Messaging feature featured on this page, plus any additional add-ons described in the package offers below.

Business Card With Forms Builder & Push Notifications

Card w/ Forms Builder & Push Notifications

Digital Business Card Plus, create custom forms and send push notification messages.


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Business Card With Booking And Push Notifications

Card w/Booking - Call Scheduling & Push-Notification

Digital Business Card bundled with Booking/Call Scheduling & Push Notifications Messaging.


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Business Card Lead Bundle Offer

Card w/ Booking - Call Scheduling / Forms Builder & Push-Notifications

Digital Business Card Bundle loaded with add-ons. Create custom forms, on-card booking functionality and push messages.


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Get Push Notifications for your Digital Business Card and get your prospects attention immediately

No one likes reading their emails anymore, but everyone is always looking at their smartphone. With push notifications your prospects, clients and customers will receive an alert and your message directly on their smart phone as a notification! Your push-notification messages can also be pre-scheduled for future dates and times through the calendar scheduling feature. Your push-notification messages can also be pre-scheduled for future dates and times through the calendar scheduling feature. Perfect for pre-scheduling holiday promotions.
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Mobile Device With Man Leaning

Push Notifications For Mobile, Plus Works On Desktops

Your prospects or clients will now be able to receive your notifications right on their mobile device. First send them a link to your digital business card or they can follow a webpage link. Your prospects will get receive a pop-up message asking them if they want to receive future notifications from you along with a message asking them if they would like to add your App to their home screen.

Send Push Notifications

Not only can you send push notifications to your prospects or clients on their mobile devides, you'll also have the option to send notifications to their desktop PCs too!
Notifications For Desktop PCs

Alerts Get Your Message Seen

A Breakthrough Price On A Done-For-You Mobile APP That Is Ready In Hours Not Months

Low Cost Business Card Solution

Finally... Your Own Business Card App Without Spending Thousands

Custom Mobile Apps similar to this can cost thousands and take months to develop. Our TrenzyCard PWA Platform creates a high quality App for you in record breaking time. Your Own App with Push Notification functionality is priceless!
Send notifications to mobile devices and desktop pcs too!

Schedule Push Notifications Through The Built-In Calendar

Pre-schedule your notifications to fire off at pre-determined dates and times.

Pre-schedule your notifications to fire off at pre-determined dates and times. With this scheduling function you can now be more prepaired with announcing holiday specials ..


Calendar For Bookings
Broadcasting To Your Subscriber Base

Send Instant Notifications

The benefits of sending push notifications are enormous. Your customers will enjoy receiving messages from you since they opted in.

Imagine your having a slow day at your business, you send out a push notification about a special offer that your having. Watch your phone start ringing off the hook practically instantly. Be careful with this feature if you can't handle all the calls.

No Internet Needed!

Your digital business card can be accessed through a traditional web-link,or by clicking on an App icon on your mobile devices home screen or PC start menu.

Your prospects and customers will be able to access all pages on your digital business card anytime. Even when traveling on a plane without internet, they will be able to browse all information on your virtual card without any connectivity issues.
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All of this comes to you with an easy to use administrative dashboard where you can send push-notifications messages to your subscribers anytime or at scheduled times.

Progressive Web App Message Management Dashboard

Transparent pricing with no surprises.

  Start with any one of our low cost starter plans and upgrade anytime as your subscriber list grows right from within your cloud based dashboard.