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Instant PWA App Funnel's

First came websites, Second came ecommerce, third came sales funnels. Forth came mobile apps. And NOW the Next Big Thing In Marketing Is Here.

Introducing Instant App Funnel PWAs

A system that allows you to send promotional messages directly to your customers smartphones anytime or at pre-scheduled dates and times. Plus your own app that customers will want to install on their phones.

The big box stores have been doing this for years and now you can too!

PWA Push Notifications

Massively Increase Repeat Visits

Sending out promotions via push notification messaging virtually guarantees that your customers or 'subscribers' will return to your store.

Easily increase your sales and profits simply by sending out push alerts or messages. Are you a salon owner, personal trainer, or store owner? Imagine having a slow day, you send out a push notification offering a special for the next few hours, then the phone starts ringing! Yes, it can be that easy and it can work for any business niche!

PWA Explainer

What Exactly Is A PWA Funnel?

An instant app funnel is an app that you can launch for your business in just minutes, that your customers will want to install on the most lucrative marketing real estate on the planet, which is on their smartphones home screen!

Installation is a snap, your customers scan a QR Code with their smartphone, they are then prompted to save the app to their home screen, they agree by clicking a button and that's it! Our PWA's are part of a new Mobile First technology which also eliminates app store hassles and their fees.

PWA Digital Real Estate

It's Like Owning Digital Real Estate On Your Customers Phones, Just Let That Soak In For A Minute

Send promotions, special offers, or informational messages directly to your customers smartphones

This is new Mobile First technology, unlike traditional apps that cost hundreds or thousands to develop, not to mention waiting for a team of developers to complete your project, these instant app funnels can go live in just minutes!

PWA QR Codes

PWAs Are Super Easy To Install

We've made it super easy not only to create your own app, but customers won't mind installing it either.

Your customers won't mind installing your app because it's super easy, they simply scan a QR Code, or you can email or message them a link. Offer them a discount on the spot for installing your app. They won't mind, there already in your store, so they will most likely be more then happy to receive your future promotions.

Happy Customer

Customers Will Want To Install Your App

Instant App Funnels has been used by the big box stores for years and now it's affordable for any business like yours!

To launch your own instant app funnel app, simply choose from the hundreds of templates in our template gallery. Then, switch out the information in the app with your own business information.

Digital Business Card Templates

Template Gallery

Choose from hundreds of instant app templates to create your instant app funnel.

Them, switch out the information with your business information and your done! You can even add your own images to the app and you can edit your information any time should your business information change in the future.

"Your customers won't mind installing your app either, simply enable a coupon within your app offering them some kind of an incentrive for installing your app. This can be a discount, or special offer. Once installed you can then begin sending them special promotions in the future, and push notification messaging is known to work better then emails. Never again miss out on sending out your holiday promotions!"

Need To Capture Online Leads Or A Booking Calendar? It Can Do That To!

Enable a booking calendar, a lead form to capture leads, or create your own custom forms.

An auto-responder is also included within the forms builder.

The big box stores have been doing this for years and now it's your turn to take advantage of this marketing techology for alot less!

Attention Digital Marketing Agencies or Anyone That Wants To Start Their Own Business Selling Apps

Big box stores have been planting their apps on the most lucrative ad space for years, on their customers smartphones home screens, now you can too, offer this service to your clients and earn income. You decide how much you want to earn.

PWA APP Reseller

Sell Apps As Sales Funnels To Local Businesses

Our PWA app development platform creates amazing feature rich apps that your clients will love

Our template gallery allows you to create apps in record time, or design from scratch. Our widget based design platform makes it quick and simple to build simple or advanced web apps for any niche.