TrenzyCard Forms Builder

Create Custom Digital Business Card Sign-Up Forms And Questionnaires to Pre-Qualify Your Leads... Build application forms that prospects can fill-out and and be pre-qualified for approval.

Digital Business Card With FormsBuilde

Create All Types Of Custom Forms

Capture hotter leads by pre-qualifying your prospects. An opportunity to filter your leads by having prospects fill out a form right on your virtual  card.

Digital Business Card+

(Card w/ Forms Builder)

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TrenzyCard Digital Business Card (Web-Link Version)

Cloud Based Form Builder

Create Responsive Forms that Look Great on Both Mobile and Desktops PCs.)

Plus... all the features in the Basic Digital Business Card Plan

Form Builder Fields

Forms Builder Add-On Bundles

Save by purchasing any one of these bundle offers. You'll get the Digital Business Card, the Trenzy Forms Builder Add-On, plus any additional add-ons described in the package offers below.

Forms Builder And Push Notification Bundle

Card/Forms Builder/Booking-Call Scheduling

Digital Business Card (App Version) w/ Form Builder & Push Notifications


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Forms And Push Notifications bundle

Card w/Forms Builder & Push-Notifications;

Digital Business Card (w/ Forms & Push Notifications


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Forms Builder And Call Scheduling Bundle

Card w/ Forms Builder/Booking Call Scheduling & Push-Notifications

Digital Business Card (App Version) w/ Booking/Call Scheduling/Forms Builder & Push Notifications


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Need A Fill-In Form On Your Card or Website?

Reading Messages While Sitting On A Bench

Pre-Qualifying Your Leads with Questionnaires


Create & Integrate Forms On Your Business Card

TrenzyCard is your foot in the door opportunity, and with the JUST RELEASED FORM BUILDER you can now get pre-qualified leads allowing you to book more deals or finalize more sales!


A bonus feature with our form builder is that it can create full size forms for larger dektop screens too!

Build Forms Like...

Personal Fitness Couching Questionnaire

Credit Card Processing Application

Registration and Sign Up Form

Leasing/Loan Applications


Integration with mail list senders

Mail List Integration

Send data collected with your forms to mailing lists.

Customize and manage integrations of forms with other tools such as Mailchimp, GetResponse...
Send data collected with your forms to your mailing lists for ez -peezy email marking campaigns.

Get Response Logo

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The Forms Builder is integrated into your design dashboard and includes tons of field types for your forms. Scroll town to read more about the Form Builder where you can also view some screen shots.

Forms Builder Desktop - WYSIWYG

Build forms while simultaneously seeing the changes made in the built in WYSIWYG virtual smartphone that is built right into the Form Builders Dashboard.

  • Build Survey
  • Build Application Forms
  • Build Questionnaires
  • Build Event Registration Forms
  • Forms Built Can Also Be Viewed As Full Size Web=pages
  • Link Your Website To Forms Too!
  • Download emails captured to CSV files or send to a post url.
  • integrate with external mail list providers.
Building A Mobile Business Card Form

Multiple Form Field Types

An advanced form builder, with all the field types you will need.

Gorm Builder With Multiple Field Types
The Fields On A Business Card

Enable Captcha To Reduce Spam

Our forms builder includes Captcha which helps to eliminate bots that auto fill-in forms.

Paper Business Cards Are A Main Source Of Spreading Germs And The Corona Virus. Your Prospects Will Appreciate Your Respect For Their Health.

Why have clients fill out forms when at the press of a button you can send them access to the form which they complete and submit right from their own phone!