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Booking / Call Scheduling Digital Business Card Add-On

Let your prospects book appointments right through your digital business card!

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Digital Business Card With Booking / Call Scheduling

Lets prospects & clients book appointments and calls right through your digital card.

Digital Business Card+

(Card w/ Booking / Call Scheduling Add-on)

Appointment Booking Add-On

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TrenzyCard Digital Business Card (Web-Link Version)

Booking/Call Scheduling

Adaptive & Responsive (Viewable on Mobile and Desktops)

No Contracts - Cancel any-time.

Plus... all the features in the Basic Digital Business Card Plan

Booking/Call Scheduling Bundles

Booking Calendar

Business Card With Forms And Appointment Booking Bundle

Card/Forms/Push-Notifications Bundle

Digital Business Card (App Version) w/ Form Builder & Push Notifications


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Push Notification Booking Bundle Offer

Card/Booking/Push-Notifications Bundle

Digital Business Card (App Version) w/ Booking/Call Scheduling & Push Notifications


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Complete Business Card Lead Bundle Package

Card/Booking/Forms & Push-Notifications

Digital Business Card (App Version) w/ Booking/Call Scheduling/Forms Builder & Push Notifications


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On-Card and Webpage Booking / Call Scheduling

Prospects and clients will be able to schedule calls & book appointment on your Digital Business Card or Webpage



Web Forms For Mobile Business Cards

Leads that schedule calls are some of the hottest leads that you can get to your business. Now you can be prepared for that important lead with call scheduling.

"Along with all the features you already have with TrenzyCard, you'll get appointment scheduling for your virtual business card!"


Call Scheduling / Appointment Booking

Our new Call Scheduling feature works great for so many business types, no matter what business your in you can benefit from call scheduling to book new clients and win more sales!

It's works great for for Personal Trainers - Internet Marketers - Consultants - Therapists - Perfect for just about any business that would like to close more sales or to get paid for consultations. More and more people are charging or advice and this is this perfect solution.

Influencer Envisioning Financial Success

Get paid for phone consultations

In case you haven't noticed, the trend now is appointment call scheduling. Easily charge your users for one-on-one phone advice/consolations, we have clients charging $250 for an hour of advice and I'm sure some are even higher depending on their niche.

  • No wasted time
  • Your potential leads feel like they are priority
  • Be prepared for the call
  • Get paid for your professional advice

Got knowledge, give advice, get paid! It's that simple...

Got knowledge about a topic? Then you can get paid! Absolutely anyone can sell knowledge. You can setup a website funnel and get paid for what you know about a particular subject.

Anyone that can provide a consultation over the phone or via a webinar can earn from their knowledge with this upgrade. Even personal fitness trainers can benefit with this add-on and receive appointments from their clients and be paid prior to their appointment.* No more getting burned by no-shows. Simply redirect them to a checkout page in the last step.

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