Meet TrenzyCard... The World's Most Intelligent Business Card

Done-For-You, or use our design platform to create digital business cards for yourself, team members or your clients.




A functional Digital Business Card, plus you'll get a marketing page version to generate leads from the internet. It's everything you need to have an online presence today!.

Want the best Digital Business Card that gets prospects motivated? Plus, a marketing page to generate leads?

Your prospects will be so impressed that they will want one too... It's your foot in the door opportunity that will turn prospects into hot leads and increased sales.

Guy Holding A Digital Business Card

Make Unlimited Changes To Your Card Via The Cloud Based Dashboard

Easily Share your virtual business card in multiple ways.

TrenzyCard also comes with pre-made message templates that you can customize and send with your card.

Woman With Booking Calendar

The Most Feature Rich Virtual Business Card That Gets Prospects Motivated

Enable interactive icons, buttons and optional add-ins like booking/call scheduling, push-notifications, forms to pre-qualify your leads and much more.

Digital Business Card

(Basic Card)

Business Card On A Phone

Reg. Price $79.97/yr.

Sale Price...

Only $49.97/yr.


TrenzyCard Digital Business Card (Web-link Version)

A Marketing Page To Generate Leads From The Web.

Free DFY (done-for-you) service, or Use Our Cloud Based Design Platform To Create Your Own.

You Get All The Features In The Basic Card Plan...

Featuring Two Business Cards

Basic Digital Business Card

Highlights and Features

  • Done-For-You Service (Answer a questionnaire, upload image(s) Your card will be ready in just a few hours. Or, use the cloud based design platform to create your own cards or to edit your card anytime.
  • Plus, a business marketing page to generate more leads from the internet. Creates an on-line presence for your business, or suppliments your exiting website traffic.

Basic Digital Business Card Features

  • Customizable Icons and Buttons
  • Customizable Bottom Icon Bar (up-to 6 icons)
  • Buttons To Link To External Website(s)
  • Basic Contact Form
  • Call Connect Widget
  • Portfolio Section
  • Enable Skype, WhatsApp, Viber Icons and more...
  • Card can Be Accessed Via Web URL
  • Add Your Logo Profile Image
  • Pre-Made Message Templates That You Can Customize
  • Add Video(s)
  • Add A Photo Gallery
  • Social Media Share/Follow
  • Make Unlimited Changes Any-time

Giving Your Card To Prospects, Clients and Associates is Super Simple

Plus... We we include pre-made message templates which allow you to include a message when sending your business card.

Choose from pre-made messages that you can edit, or create your own message template(s) that you can send with your card to increase the chance of closing the deal or make the sale. Easily send your virtual business card in several different ways.

  • Share via email or SMS
  • Scan QR Code
  • Messenger & other social media platforms
  • NCF*
Short List Of Message Templates
Sending and Receiving A Business Card

Once Someone Receives Your Digital Business Card They Can...

  1. Press a button to save your contact info into their contact list.
  2. Install your Digital Business Card as an App Icon on their smartphone home screen.
  3. Save your Digital Business Card as a bookmark or favorite in their browser.

When someone receives access to your business card they are automatically prompted to install it as an app on their smartphone or desktop. This also benefits card holders as they can optionally subscribe to receive your future push notification messages.*

What Makes TrenzyCard Different?

Most digital business cards are simply mini websites, offering only contact info. TrenzyCard is an app (PWA) that can also be accessed via a web-link. It comes with features to get prospects motivated to finalize a purchase or close a deal.

Our TrenzyCard Apps PWA Platform creates apps that do not requiring app store downloading. Enabling side-loading is also NOT required. With our App version, when your prospects receive your card they will also see a message asking them if they would like to subscribe to notifications and/or save the card as an icon on their home screen. With our push-notifications option you can stay in touch with your card holders using our cloud based push notification messaging dashboard. Perfect for broadcasting a message or product announcments. Plus, you can even pre-scheduling holiday promotional messages.


Let customers book appointments by enabling our booking calendar feature, or link to other third party scheduler/booking systems.

Enable an icon that links to our booking calendar and let your prospects book appointments with you right through your virtual business card. Perfect for digital marketers or anyone who gets paid for consultations.

Woman Showing Available Booking Dates

TrenzyCard Form Builder

TrenzyCard offers more then a simple contact form. Build all types of forms like applications, registration forms, feedback forms and more.

Create responsive forms for your digital business card that also look great when accessed via a desktop browser from a PC. Forms created can also be password protected..

Example Of A Form On The Card

Mobile App Push-Notifications

Get Push Notifications for your Digital Business Card and get your prospects attention immediately.

The push notification feature includes a Cloud Message Managment Dashboard where you can create and send push messages to your subscribers. Simply share your card, when the card is first viewed they will be presented with a message asking them if they would like to subscribe.

The Manage Managment Dashboard also allows you to pre-schedule messages. Great for pre-scheduling holiday promotions.

Receiving A Push Notification

Finally... Your Own App Without Spending Thousands

Custom Mobile Apps can cost thousands and take months to develop. With TrenzyCard you can have both a digital business card mobile app and Push-Notification functionality, all without spending a fortune in development fees and waiting months for development.

Our Platform creates high quality Apps in record breaking time. Having your own app with the push-notifications feature alone is priceless!

With our TrenzyCard Platform you also have the option to unlock our TrenzyCard PWA Platform to create your own PWA mobile apps & websites.**

Man Viewing His Affordable Mobile App
Business Listing On A Smartphone

Provides A Virtual Handshake

Why deal with cold leads, connect your Google My Business Directory Listing to your Digital Business Card instead of your website to warm you leads before they hit your website. It's the perfect virtual handshake!

Prospects can still access your site quickly via a button on your card. By landing them on your card first they will feel that they are dealing with a real person.

Plus... Choose A Lead Generating Marketing Page

Several desktop versions to choose from to generate more leads from the internet.

Desktop Style 1

Add your profile image, logo & background. Theme shown is Green/Gold with hollow buttons. (Choose a color theme during purchase.)

Desktop Style 2

Your information and profile or logo image overlaid on top of the header background image. With buttons of your choice of function.

Desktop Style 3

A more traditional look with both the profile image and logo appearing above the fold. Profile info and two buttons of your choice.

Desktop Style 4

Simple clean look with the image of your choice overlayed on top of background. Choose from hundreds of royalty free backgrounds.

Desktop Style 5 (Image Slider Version)

Add your profile image, logo & background. Theme shown is Green/Gold with hollow buttons. (Choose a color theme during checkout.)

Totally Customizable

Unlike other Digital Business Cards, with TrenzyCard you'll be able to customize your card(s) for your team(s) anytime, because you'll have access to our cloud based design dashboard. Just like a website you can add pages and enable more features. All of your card holders and subscribers will always see your most current business card information.

Need Additional Business Cards For Your Team(s)?

DFY or Create Additional Cards for Your Team With A Group or Re-seller Plan

If you require multiple cards that's not a problem, simply purchase one of our group packages. Re-seller plans are also available for approved clients that are interested in reselling them. You'll be able to build cards for team members anytime or resell them to whom-ever you like.

Digital Business Card Designing Dashboard

Free Future Card Edits

Our TrenzyCard cloud based design dashboard allows unlimited edits. Update your business card any-time.

Other digital business card offers may seem attractive, but then charge you when you request an update or edit to your card, That's because they treat your digitial business like a website and we all know that website designers charge heafty fees. 

That's not the case wil TrenzyCard because you'll have access our platform, where you can create more cards*, or make changes anytime through the cloud based design environment at no additional charge. Don't want to mess with updating the card yourself? Not a problem we can manage all that for you too via a service request form.* Simply request the changes required through an online questionare, upload media for your card etc.

Business Card Templates

QR Code Desktop/Counter Stands

Order a Digital Business Card with an any add-on feature and get a FREE high quality heavy stock glossy QR code scan card, inprinted with your logo and with stand for your desk or counter.

QR Codes have been around for several years now, but are just now becoming extremely popular do-to safety concerns of viruses. It's now the norm for restaurants to have a QR code on their tables which customers scan to view their menu.

More and more people are expecting and looking for QR codes to scan for things like menus and website links. Now with a quick scan your prospects and customers can scan your code and instantly install your app (digital business card).


No Internet Needed

Your Digital Business Card will be accessible via a url or app icon on smartphones.

This allows your prospects, clients and customers to easily access all pages on your digital business card anytime via the app. Even when traveling on a plane without internet.

Demonstrating Excellent Service

Eliminates The Spread of Germs

Paper Business Cards are a main source of spreading germs and viruses. With TrenzyCard your prospects will appreciate your respect for their health.

Why have clients fill out forms when at the press of a button you can send them access to the form which they complete and submit right from their own phone!*^

Covid Message
Eliminating The Address Bar

Mobile App Benefits

The TrenzyCard mobile app doesn't have an address bar which leaves additional space for more important information about yourself your products, or services that you sell. It also help reduces visitors from clicking away since the address bar is non-existing.

Even though TrenzyCard is available as a mobile app, this version is still accessible via a web-link through any web-browser, which means that prospects can also access your digital business card from a link in a text message, email or social media platforms.

Done-For-You Or Set-Up Your Own

Complete a questionnaire, snap of selfie from your phone or upload a profile image and we'll set-up your card for you. Or, use our design platform to create your card(s).

Setting Up A Business Card
Adding Profile Image
Adding Your Business Image

Enable Interactive Icons and Buttons

Link Buttons to Fill-In Forms, Surveys, Form Applications and much more...

Customizing Business Card

Done-For-You Or Set-Up Your Own

Add or remove interactive icons and link them to calendars, surveys or application forms that your prospects can conveniently fill out and submit through your business card or via a website link. Create your own custom forms with our forms builder.*

Upper icons can open as quick modal slide-outs or can link and open a different page or external url, while icons at the bottom can launch other features like a phone dialer, SMS texting, FB Messenger, or your favorite email app etc. Or they can link and open internal or external web-pages. Enable the features that you need.

Enable The Quick Connect Icons You Need To Get More Leads

These buttons are perfect for contact buttons since they stay in place even if you scroll down the page. Your prospects will be more inclined to contact you since the contact buttons will always be in their line of site!

Configure the contact options you like or link some of them to other features, like photo galleries, a presentation, your videos or anything else that you can imagine.

Quick Connect Icon Bar
Enabling Interactive Features

Customizable Buttons That Can Be Enabled To Link To Anything You Like

Enable buttons that link to internal or external card pages or external websites.

Customize button text and link to a presentation page, the booking/scheduler calendar or external booking system. Link to forms like surveys, opt-in forms, sales pages, registration forms, applications. TrenzyCard Forms can even be password protected. Link to your resume, portfolio page and more.

No Contracts and No Commitments

Cancel Anytime...

Other digital business cards are designed to simulate paper business cards, by only providing prospects with your contact info which is just as boring as a paper business card. Other digital business cards come on a chipped card, at first the thought of tapping a prospects phone with a smartcard sounds sleek and cool. But with chipped cards you quickly realize that the majority of the time they are useless. NFC doesn't work half the time. because you either can't find the NFC location, it's turned off completely, or isn't even a feature on your prospects phone.

TrenzyCard is a feature rich digital business card that offers more then just you contact information, it's sharable in many different ways, plus with our QR code feature prospects that you mean can open their smartphones camera snap a piture and a message pops up asking them if they want to receive notifications from you and save your can on their phone screen next to all their other apps! There is no need to your prospect to search any app store and there is no side loading required. It's that simple.

With TrenzyCard you can grab there attention and there interests. Load up your card with videos, presentations, your portfolio, a resume, and just about anything else that you can image.

Product boxes are for illustration purposes only, products are actually cloud based services.
*Unlimited card updates are free to make by through the cloud based design dashboard.
**Some features are offered as optional add-ons that can be purchased separately or as a bundle.